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2016 – The very significant impact of ageing populations

The world’s population is ageing and this development is placing significant financial pressures on retirement systems around the world.  However this rapid ageing, caused by lower fertility rates and longer life expectancies, is much more significant than has been recognised by many governments.  Even more importantly, the main impacts of ageing have not been fully understood, appreciated or accepted by the population in many countries.  Hence many government shave found it difficult to implement or foreshadow the necessary changes.

This chapter will present the impact of ageing in a series of simple graphs to highlight the evidence and to recommend changes that must be made to ensure that the current retirement systems are sustainable and able to provide adequate benefits for decades to come.  Covering:

  • Life Expectancies
  • Fertility Rates
  • Old age dependency ratios
  • Labour Force participation rates – 55-64 year olds
  • Labour Force participation rates – 65 year olds and over
  • The retirement period
  • Summary

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