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Argentina’s retirement income system comprises a pay-as-you-go social security system together with voluntary occupational corporate and individual pension plans which may be offered through employer book reserves, insurance companies or pension trusts.

The overall index value for the Argentinian system could be increased by:

  • raising the minimum pension available to the poorest aged individuals
  • raising the level of household savings
  • ƒƒintroducing tax incentives to encourage voluntary member contributions to increase retirement savings
  • increasing coverage of employees in occupational pension schemes through automatic membership or enrolment, thereby increasing the level of contributions and assets
  • introducing a minimum level of mandatory contributions into a retirement savings fund
  • improving the regulatory requirements for the private pension system.

The Argentinian index value in 2016 was 37.7.

RRF19921_MMGPI Report_0616_Chart_WEB_1000x950_01_ARGENTINA

Year Overall Adequacy Sustainability Integrity
2016  37.7 42.3 30.1 40.9
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