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Message from the Minister 2014

The Victorian Government is proud to once again support the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension index, an outstanding example of government, industry and academia working together on research of global significance.

Now in its sixth year, the Index is tangible evidence of Melbourne’s global role within pensions fund investment.

An internationally respected research document, the Index has grown from 11 countries in 2009 to 25 in 2014.  It is synonymous with the work of Victoria’s financial services research capabilities which include the Australian Centre for Financial Studies, the CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster, and the Melbourne APEC Finance Centre.

Home to the major industry private pension funds, asset consultants and leading commercial funds, Melbourne is headquarters to six of Autralia’s top twelve pension funds, as well the A$100 billion Future Fund.

Melbourne’s role as the Asia Pacific hub for pension management will only continue to grow over the next two decades with Australia’s pool of assets forecasted to increase from AUD1.9 trillion today to AUD6 trillion by 2030.

This growth will coincide with an increased opportunity for internal investment managers as the local markets struggle to absorb the ever increasing pool of assets.  In fact it is expected that by 2030 over AUD1 trillion will be allocated to overseas asset classes.

Already we have seen internationally recognised brands call Melbourne home including Franklin Templeton, Martin Currie, Legg Mason Asset Management, Vanguard, and Kuwait Finance House.  In fact our report partners, Mercer, have their third largest global office located in Melbourne.

Key to our future success is the continued hard work by the over 110,000 skilled professionals now working within the financial services sector in Victoria, work that is epitomised by the quality of the 2014 Index.

I commend the Australian Centre for Financial Studies and Mercer on their excellent work in producing the 2014 Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index.


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