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Finland’s retirement income system consists of a basic state pension, which is income-tested, and a range of statutory earnings-related schemes.

The overall index value for the Finnish system could be increased by:

  • continuing to increase the minimum pension for low-income pensioners
  • continuing to raise the level of mandatory contributions that are set aside for the future
  • increasing the labour force participation rate at older ages as life expectancies rise
  • introducing arrangements to protect the pension interests of both parties in a divorce.

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 Progressive Results:






2016  72.9  70.6 62.2 91.5
The Finnish index value fell slightly from 73.0 in 2015 to 72.9 in 2016.
2015 73.0 70.7


The Finnish index fell from 74.3 in 2014 to 73.0 in 2015 caused by a combination of factors including a all in the household saving rate, increasing life expectancy and the change to the scoring methodology relating to pensions assets.
2014  74.3  72.2


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